# 284: Piloting like the Red Baron

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# 284: Piloting like the Red Baron

fr Idea # 284 – Flying a biplane

A biplane is a plane provided with two superimposed carrying wings. The configuration biplane indeed allows to increase the wing surface, for a given scale. The triangulation by cables and by masts decreases the constraints of flexion and allows to increase the rigidity. The formula has the inconvenience to increase the trail because of matt and shrouds stiffening the set. Biplanes had their hour of glory during the World War I ; they were still constructed during the Second World War, in particular as had torpedo boats on aircraft carrier. The plan biplane continues to be used as well for classical planes as for seaplanes, mono or multiengine. In this report, we pilot Kiebitz, which is very strongly inspired by the Stampe, a biplane very known for the 40s. It measures approximately 7 m² large-scale, for a 280 kg weight and flies from approximately 100 kph… Completed to play the Red baron ! Let(s go, we are takinng off !


Where is it?

Airfield Pont sur Yonne, the Gisy Noble, France

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