# 283: Observing the Wolffish

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# 283: Observing the Wolffish

is Idea # 283 – Seeing Wolffisch in the Arctic Ocean

Anarhichas denticulatus, called also gelatinous wolf, is a species of fishes of the family of Anarhichadidae which meets in the North of the Atlantic Ocean, Canada up to the bench of the Sable Island. We also call it: northern wolffish, bull-headed catfish, broad-headed catfish or arctic wolffish. Just like the speckled wolf (Anarhichas minor), it is at present endangered in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, where its fishing is forbidden. The body of this fish is completely dark brown, marked with numerous spots of unclear shape. Its known maximal size is 1,80 m, for a weight about 20 kg. It presents a rounded off face, with visible teeth, which give him its name. In this video, we crossed this creature in the Arctic Ocean, near the famous volcanic cone of Strytan. Sometimes, we frighten!


Where is it?

Strytan, Hjalteyri, Iceland.

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