# 276: Visiting the Lange Wapper in Antwerp

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# 276: Visiting the Lange Wapper in Antwerp

Idea # 276 – Visiting Antwerp

Antwerp (in Dutch: Antwerpen) is a Belgian city in the Flemish Region, administrative center of the province of Antwerp. The citywas founded at about the year, Antwerp becomes border post of the Germanic Empire, and got wooden fortifications, replaced later by a fortified castle, called Steen. The city of Antwerp obtained in 1312 a charter which makes of her a democratic municipality. In the next century, the city and its port take their development, overtaking its big rival Bruges, condemned by the blocking of the arm to the sea with sand, which led to Damme. Up to half of the XVIIth century, the city takes advantage of artists’ presence such as Rubens, Van Dyck, Jordaens and Teniers or still sculptors’ Quellin families and Verbrugghen as well as several printers and famous factors of harpsichords. Of a small village, Antwerp had so become, during the war of Eighty Years, most big city of Seventeen Provinces and one most big cities of Europe, with a population of 150 000 inhabitants. In 1940, the city was occupied by the German army until September, 1944, undergoing, in 1943, the American bombardments which aim at the factories of General Motors. In September, 1944, the city is freed and is of use as base of supply to the allied troops, receiving a rain of missiles V1 and V2. At the beginning of the XXIth century, the port of Antwerp is the second port of Europe, after Rotterdam. The reputation of the anversois diamond dealers made by this city the first world place of cutting and negotiation of the diamond.

A legend of a giant, called Lange Wapper,  (in French, Grand Wapper) is very famous in Antwerp. The giant would play trick to the inhabitants of the city of Antwerp, in Belgium, knowing how to make himself be very big or very small. He would appear the night and would pursue drunk people. A version says as well as Changes Wapper was afraid of statues of the Virgin and that it would explain the large number of this one in the city. Watch out, and drink molo molo beer there!


Where is it?

Antwerp, Province of Antwerp, Belgium

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