#276 : Visiting the beautiful city of Budva in Montenegro

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#276 : Visiting the beautiful city of Budva in Montenegro

Idea #276 – Visiting the old town of Budva in Montenegro

Budva is a city of Montenegro. Aged of 2 500 years, Budva is one of the oldest localities on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. A legend tells that Budva would have been founded by Cadmos, a hero exiled by Thebes, which looked for a shelter in this place for him and his wife, Harmonia. In the Middle Ages, the city knew a succession of regencies by the sovereigns of Dioclée and the Serbian aristocrats and the State of Zeta.

From 1420 till 1797, the city was in the hands of the Venetians. Budva, called Budua at that time, was a part of Venetian Albania and was strengthened by powerful walls to counter the Ottomans, as the other cities of this region. At the beginning of the XIXth century, Budva knew a succession of several of its sovereign countries : Austria, France and Russia. An union between the Bouches of Kotor and Montenegro was established during a brief period between 1813 and 1814, but from 1814 till 1918, Budva stayed inside the Empire of Austria.

After the World War I, in 1918, Budva joins the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and was annexed, later, to the Kingdom of Italy, in 1941. It belongs to Montenegro today. The coastal region of Budva, called Budva Riviera, is the center of the tourism in Montenegro, and is appreciated for its sandy beaches, its night-life activates. It contains beautiful examples of medieval Mediterranean architecture.


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