#271 : Visiting the Venitian City of Kotor

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#271 : Visiting the Venitian City of Kotor

Idea #271 – Visiting the old town of Kotor

Kotor (in Italian Cattaro) is a city of Montenegro. The city is leaned in a rocky peak at the bottom of the Bouches of Kotor (Boka Kotorska) and by the sea Adriatic. Kotor, settled at the time of the Roman Republic, known under the name of Acruvium, and joined into the Roman province of Dalmatia, is mentioned for the first time in 168 before J.C. From the Early Middle Ages, the city is strengthened by Emperor Justinien, in the year 535, having the eviction of the Goths of the region. In 840, the city is plundered by the Saracens. In 1002, the Bulgarians plunder the city .It is sold to in Serbia by the Bulgarian Czar Samuel. The city rebels, by means of Ragusa, and is dominated  finally again only in 1184, managing nevertheless to keep its status of free city and its republican institutions. In the XIVth century, Cattaro becomes the commercial competitor of Ragusa and cause the jealousy of Venice. The fall of Serbia in 1389 leaves the city without protector, and having alternately been competed by Venice and Hungary, it passes durably under Venetian domination in 1420, and it until 1797. This Venetian influence is particularly noticeable in the structure and the architecture of the city. The old town of Kotor, surrounded with an impressive wall of defense, is particularly well protected and classified on the UNESCO world heritage list. Although the city is of a reduced surface, outer walls, recently restored, have a total length of 4,5 kilometers, for a 15 meter height and up to 20 meters in width. Indeed, these bulwarks rise up to the bastion Saint Jean, situated at a 280 meter height over the city and over the sea level.


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Kotor, Montenegro.

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