#270 : Visiting Stari Bar, the capital of Dioclée

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#270 : Visiting Stari Bar, the capital of Dioclée

Idea #270 – Visiting the historical town of Stari Bar

Stari Bar is a village of the South of Montenegro, in the municipality of Bar. It is mentioned as Antibarium from the Xth century. Numerous sovereigns of the Dioclée seem to have lived in Bar as Mihailo Voislav, the first king of the Dioclée, whose royal title was confirmed in Bar. Constantin Bodin, who worked in the implementation the archbishopric of Bar, also lived there. The Byzantine Empire nevertheless still dominated Bar from 1166 till 1186. By that time, Stefan Nemanja, Serbian sovereign, freed several cities of the Adriatic coast, including “the famous city of Bar“, from the Byzantine domination.

From 1443 till 1571, Bar passes dominated by the Republic of Venice. Bar, known under the Venetian name of Antivari, was a part of Venetian Albania. In 1571, Bar is taken by the Ottomans who keep it preserved until 1878. The old town, given up, was damaged in 1912 by the explosion of an ammunition dump. It opens to the visitors, left, ruined, but still rich in stories today.


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Stari Bar, Bar, Montenegro.

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