# 269: Visiting the Albanian Montenegrin City of Ulcinj

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# 269: Visiting the Albanian Montenegrin City of Ulcinj

Idea # 269 – Visit the old town of Ulcinj

Ulcinj (Ulqin in Albanian, Ulkinon in Illyrian, Dulcigno in Italian) is a city of Montenegro. The site has been occupied from the Bronze age till now. The city is officially founded in 5th century before J.C. by the Greeks, before being besieged by the Illyrians, what makes one of the oldest cities of the Adriatic coast. According to Apollonios de Rhodes’s poem, a colony resulting from Colchis would have settled down there in the IIIth century before J.C. In Illyrian, the name of the city was Ulkinon. In Latin the city was known under the name of Ulcinium or Olcinium. In 1571, the privateer Uludj Ali, of Italian origin and converted to the Islam, seized the city. Ulcinj became integral part of Montenegro only in 1880 further to the Russian-Turkish war, which finished in 1870, and which lives the victory of the Russians allied to the Montenegrins, in front of Turks. The city stayed in strong Albanian majority, making a difference with the other coastal cities of Montenegro. Efforts will be still necessary to raise the city to the rank of the other Adriatic pearls. Go visiting.


Where is it?

Ulcinj, Montenegro.

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