#268 : Visiting Herceg Novi in Albania Venitienne

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#268 : Visiting Herceg Novi in Albania Venitienne

Idea #268 – Visiting the old town of Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi (in Italian Castelnuovo) is a city of Montenegro, situated in the Mouths of Kotor. The fortress was founded in 1382 by king Tvrtko I, said Sveti Stefan. After the death of king Tvrtko, the city falls into the hands of prince Sandal Hranicha. During its reign, the city becomes an important commercial harbour of salt. In 1466, the Republic of Venice tries to acquire the city, but unsuccessfully. In 1482, the city is taken by the Ottomans; they stay in the hands for two centuries, outside 1538-1539, when it is taken by the Spaniards.

In 1688, the Venetians take back the city and integrate it into the province of ” Albania Veneta “, under the name of Castelnuovo. It stays under Venetian domination until 1797. Herzeg Novi has know how to preserve a homogeneous historic center, protected by its fortifications, and raised as a tourist destination of first rank in Montenegro. Go, we are strolling in alleys, in the shade of walls.

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Herceg Novi, Kotor, Montenegro.

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