# 265: Visiting Vienna

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# 265: Visiting Vienna

Idea # 265: Visiting Vienna

Vienna, capital of Austria, is situated in the east of the country. The town is crossed by the Danube (Donau). It was the capital of the Germanic Roman Saint Empire as well as the Archduchy of Austria, the Empire of Austria ( 1804-1866 ) and later the double monarchy of Autriche-Hongrie ( 1867-1918 ). Since 2001, the historic center of Vienna is classified in the UNESCO world heritage.

Among the things worth to be seen, visit Wiener Staatsoper where Mozart occurred in 1769, the palace of Hofburg, winter residence of the Hapsburg built in 1220 and was since transformed into residence to the president of Austrian federal republic, the Stephansplatz, the central place of Vienna with the famous cathedral Saint-Etienne, the District of Museums, Karlsplatz known for its baroque church, the Palace of Belvédére built in 1714, and which gathers the biggest collection of the Austrian painter Klimt, the Naschmarkt, the biggest market of Vienna, or the summer palace of Habsburg de Schönbrunn, in 10 km of the center of Vienna, and just for the sentimental side, a small jump in Sigmund Freud’s cabinet. Also, Es ist Zeit, wir kommen…


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Vienna, Austria

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