# 261: Visiting Albrecht Dürer’s birthplace

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# 261: Visiting Albrecht Dürer’s birthplace

Idea # 261 – Visiting the Bavarian city of Nuremberg

Nuremberg (Nürnberg in German) is a German city of Bavaria. The fortress is established on the height in 1050. It is enlarged from 1140 to 1180 under Frédéric Barberousse’s reign. In 1191, count Frédéric III of Hohenzollern becomes by marriage Burgrave Frédéric Ier of Nuremberg. Nuremberg is so quickly one of favorite imperial cities of the emperor. The city receives its charter of freedom in 1219 from the hands of future emperor Frédéric II. By 1400, the fortifications are enlarged; the extension of ditches will be ended only in 1452. In 1420, Christoph Laiminger, representative of the dukes of Bavaria, gives the order to set on fire the castle of Burgraves. In 1424, the importance of the city is again strengthened when emperor Sigismond decides that Nuremberg will be for ever the place where will be guarded the fabulous jewels of imperial crown. The latter will stay there until 1796. In 1471, Albrecht Dürer, painter, engraver, German theorist of the art and the geometry, is born there. In 1525, the Protestant reformation is established in Nuremberg. In 1623, the university of the city is inaugurated to Altdorf. In 1643, a gigantic feast, the ” Feast of the peace “, seals the end of the Thirty Years War. The city remains notorious for the events which will take place during the Second World War there. Destroyed at 90 %,  the city was splendidly restored. We visit, butbe carreful with the rabbit!


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Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

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