# 260: Visiting the city of Würzburger Rokoko

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# 260: Visiting the city of Würzburger Rokoko

Idea # 260 – Visiting the Bavarian city of Würzburg

Wurtzbourg (in German Würzburg) is a city of Bavaria, situated on Main and northern starting point of the Romantic Road. The city is mentioned for the first time in 704. Forty years later, the first bishop’s palace is created, and is attributed to Burchard. In 1030, the Lord of the city is the bishop. In 1156, Frédéric Barberousse and Béatrice de Bourgogne get married there. Of 1720-1744, the prince bishop Johann Philipp Franz of Schönborn makes build his palace and move his residence there, as a replacement of the citadel of Marienberg. It is one of the most ambitious architectural realizations of baroque Germany. The collaboration of the big European artists of period, placed supervised by the architect Balthasar Neumann, gave birth to “Würzburger Rokoko”, the most exuberant of the variants of the European rococo style. The interior design was largely realized under Charles Philippe de Greiffenclau, in particular by Jean Baptiste Tiépolo. In 1945, the city is severely bombarded by Royal Air Forces. In 20 minutes, more than 90 % of the buildings of the city center is destroyed. The Residence of Wurtzbourg has been classified since 1981 on the UNESCO world heritage list. Let’s go visiting !


Where is it?

Wurzburg, Bavaria, Germany

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