#252 : Exploring the royal Illyrian tombs at Selcë

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#252 : Exploring the royal Illyrian tombs at Selcë

Idea #252 – Exploring the tombs of Selce in Albania

Basse Selca is a village of the zone of Mokra in the region of Pogradec. During archaeological excavations made in the years 1964-1972, at the top of a hill dominating the village, an Illyrian city was discovered. This city was founded during the Bronze Age and continued to be occupied up to the Iron Age. During the VI-Vth centuries BC, the city developed in the form of a firts urban center, which followed the river Shkumbini. In the IVth century, it was strengthened by an outer wall, made up of squared stones, closing a surface of 30000 m². During IV-Vth BC, Selca played an important economic role and was the administrative center of the Illyrian region of Desareti. In the IIIth century, four monumental royal graves were dug in rocks, representing original works of Ionic order. In one of these graves, reused has the end of the IIth century, a rich furniture was discovered, made by weapons, by bronze and terra cotta bowls, of golden jewels, as well as emblems representing mythological scenes of fight. The construction of the road Egnatia, in Ist century, caused the fall of the city. The site is registered on the indicative list of the UNESCO world heritage.


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Selce e Posthme, Albania.

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