#251 : Following the footsteps of Napoleon in Austerlitz

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#251 : Following the footsteps of Napoleon in Austerlitz

Idea #251 – Visiting Moravia, Brno and the field of the battle of Austerlitz

The battle of Austerlitz, situated today Slavkov u Brna, in Czech, called Republic the “battle of Three Emperors”, takes place on Monday, December 2nd, 1805 in the South of Moravia, and more exactly between Brno and Austerlitz. After nine hours of fights, Napoleon Ier’s Grande Armée beats the austro-Russian army of emperor François II of the Saint empire and Russian emperor Alexandre Ier. England, although unconquered, remain alone, what ends the Third Coalition. Besides its strategic importance, this battle, as well as the campaign which preceded it, leading the Grande Armée of Boulogne-sur-Mer until Austerlitz, is considered as the Napoleon’s Bonaparte tactical masterpiece and is taught even nowadays in numerous military academies. The battlefield of Austerlitz is a vast eight kilometer rectangle on twelve. It is bounded in the North by the road Olmütz-Brno and on the West by the road Vienna-Brno. In the South, ice-cold ponds close the battlefield. Between Goldbach and Littawa, two forming brooks one V, plateau of Pratzen is the major component of the zone. On the battlefield, a big mausoleum was built to celebrate the peace between Nations.


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Austerlitz, Moravia, Czech Republic.

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