#241: Watching an underground glacier at Dobsina

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#241: Watching an underground glacier at Dobsina

siIdea #241 – Visit of the underground glacier of Dobšina, in Slovakia

Slovakia counts more than 4000 caves, what makes it a paradise for speleologists. Six are registered on the UNESCO world heritage, and two present a remarkable underground glacier. The biggest underground glacier is the one of Dobsiná (in Slovak: Dobsinská ladová jaskyna) is situated near Dobsiná in Slovakia. The cave was discovered in 1870 and made open to the public since 1881. It extends over 1483 meters, among which 630 meters opened to the public.

The cave fills with cold air in winter, which it keeps during the other seasons, pulling the frost of all the subterranean waters which pass by. The glacier so formed since the inside. The annual average temperature of the cave is 1 °C, but the seasonal fluctuations are important, modifying the size of the glacier. For a better visit, opt for summer; the counterparty: less ice, obviously. During winter, it can present until 145 000 cubic meters of ice !


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Dobsinska the Adova Jaskina, Slovakia

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