# 240: Discovering the secret Thracian graves

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# 240: Discovering the secret Thracian graves

Idea # 240 – Explore the Thracian tombs in Bulgaria

The historic and archaeological reserve of Sboryanovo covers the part the West of the plateau of Ludogorie, along the river Krapinets, between the villages of Malak Porovets and Sveshtari. The reserve presents a unique site, made of villages, sanctuaries and cemeteries of the Antiquity. The most important discovery within the historic and archaeological reserve of Sboryanovo is the Thracian royal grave of Sveshtari. Located in 1982 under a tumulus, this thracian tomb of the IIIth century before illustrious J.C. the essential principles of the structure of the buildings of the Thracian worship. The decorations and the architecture of the grave are considered as unique, with frescoes and polychromatic caryatids at the middle human, at the middle vegetable. These ten feminine figures decorating the walls of the vault and the decorations of the glasses on the grave are the only examples found in Thracian land. They constitute remarkable vestiges of the culture of Gètes, Thracian people who was in touch with the Hellenistic and hyperborean worlds. Thanks to its remarkable architecture and to its artistic decoration, the grave of Sveshtari is registered on the list of the world cultural heritage of the UNESCO since 1985. It belongs to a vaster group of graves “under mound”, already quoted in the Antiquity by Hérodote, who are also visitables. Go exploring !


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Sveshtari, Sboryanovo, Bulgaria

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