# 236: Visiting the painted and fortified monasteries of Moldavia

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# 236: Visiting the painted and fortified monasteries of Moldavia

Idea # 236 – Visiting the fortified monasteries of Moldavia in Romania

Moldavia became an independent state in the XIVth century ; its peak is situated during the crusades of Etienne le Grand against the Ottomans (1457-1504) and those of Pierre Rares (1527-38, 1541-46). This period also attended the hatching of a big cultural movement churches of which in the painted outer walls are the most surprising demonstration. A big Christian tradition consisting in decorating the outside of churches then developed in Moldavia at the end of the XVth century, to the point that the entire facades was so covered with paintings. This tradition had its own iconography dominated by certain major specific themes: the Hierarchy of the Church, the Last Judgment, Jesse’s Tree. In the North of Moldavia, eight churches of this type, among whom that of Sucevita and that of Humor, were classified in the UNESCO world heritage. They are authentic and particularly well kept(preserved); Far from being of simple wall decorations, these paintings constitute systematic cover of all the facades and they represent complete cycles of religious murals. Their exceptional composition, the elegance of the characters and the harmony of the colors become integrated perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Churches are besides surrounded with fortifications, making of them of real advanced defensive posts. Go & observe…


Where is it?

Sucevita, Romania.

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