# 235: Visiting Dracula’s birthplace

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# 235: Visiting Dracula’s birthplace

Idea # 235 – Visiting Sighisoara, Vlad III’s birthplace

Sighisoara (in German: Schäßburg, in Saxon of Transylvania Schäsbrich, in Hungarian: Segesvár, in Latin: Castrum Saxorum) is a city of Romania. The city is settled on the site of a Roman castrum. In the XIIth century, craftsmen and traders of German origin, Saxon conscripts of Transylvania, are invited by king of Hungary to colonize and to defend the oriental border of its kingdom. The columnist Krauss mentions the Saxon colony to Sighisoara in 1191. After the Mongolian invasions of 1241, new fortifications are raised around the city. In 1280, Sighisoara is known by its Latin name Castrum Saxorum, and in 1298 by its German name of Schespurch. In 1337 Sighisoara becomes a royal residence, and obtains the city status in 1367 under the name of Civitas de Segusvar. Vlad II Dracul, prince of Valachie, becomes established in the city in 1421. It stays there until 1436. His son is born there and will reign under the name of Vlad III Empaleur, the legend of which seen again by the writer Bram Stoker will be the basis of the character of Dracula. During several centuries, the city played a significant strategic and commercial role the oriental limits of the kingdom of Hungary, becoming one of the most important cities of Transylvania. The XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries see the city suffering from tragic events : fires in 1676, 1736, 1788, epidemics of plague, floods in 1771, earthquake in 1838. The city stays away from the economic development of the XIXth century, what allows it to protect its historic center of too massive urbanistic changes. Let’s go, and visittttte!


Where is it?

Sighisoara, Romania.

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