# 233: Climbing the stairs of the donjon of Pocitelj in Herzegovina

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# 233: Climbing the stairs of the donjon of Pocitelj in Herzegovina

Idea # 233 – Visit of the village of Pocteltj in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pocitelj (in Bosnian: Pocitelj) is a picturesque small village of Herzegovina, built and developed from the end of the Middle Ages and until XIXth century by the various peoples who followed one another, in particular the Ottomans, the Hungarians and the Bosnian there. Strategic of first importance during several centuries, Pocitelj lost of its interest during the putting under Austrian protectorate in 1878. In the 1960s, a large number of Yugoslav and foreign artists settles down to Pocitelj, making of this small village one of the most dynamic cultural homes of Yugoslavia. Although almost completely destroyed during the Bosnian War (1992-1995), Pocitelj found  a second life, thanks to a program of restoration). The village is completely surrounded with a strengthened wall, supported in an extremity by the medieval castle and in the other one by the bastion of the sultan. The castle possesses a high donjon, which offers a view far on the valley. Its staircase indone of steep steps give access to a room at three levels, formerly plancheied and in a room of defense onto vault in the last floor. Mosque, baths, souk, clock tower, old Ottoman houses, are still visible on the rock. Go, we climb!


Where is it?

Pocitelj Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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