# 229: Exploring the mud volcanoes of Vulcabii Noroioci

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# 229: Exploring the mud volcanoes of Vulcabii Noroioci

Idea # 229 – Exploration of the mud volcanoes in Buzau, Romania

The mud volcanoes of  Vulcanii noroioşi, in Buzau in Romania, are a extremely rare geological curiosity. This site was discovered in 1867 by the French H. Cognand, that conducted operations of oil exploration. The mud volcanoes are a   natural singular and fascinating phenomenon of gas emanations, from oil-bearing strata, that cause eruptions and mud cold flows by the mouth of small craters,  measuring in diameter from a few centimeters to several meters. Acid and chemical nature of sludge prevents vegetation to grow, creating a moonscape, contrasting with the green areas all around. The volcanoes are visible on three main sites, close to each other, on a surface area of ​​30 hectares, in a nature reserve. Come on, close your nose and let’s go!


Where is it?

Natural Park Vulcanii noroioşi , Buzau, Romania.

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