# 222: Watching Wolves in Mercantour

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# 222: Watching Wolves in Mercantour

Idea # 222 – Observation of the gray wolf in the park of Mercantour

Under wild forms, the gray wolf was gradually exterminated by man, especially in the nineteenth century. It is mainly present in the twenty-first century in areas of “open spaces”. In 1992, two wolves were seen in the Alpes-Maritimes, Mercantour National Park, in France, forming the pack Vésubie Tinée. His reintegration is natural , it having arrived in France by the Ligurian Alps and the northern Apennines. In 2000,  thirty wolves have been counted in the French Alps, including twenty in the Mercantour, and in 2012 the total population in France was around 250 individuals . Hush, there are avoided and to be chewed …


Where is it?

Mercantour Park, Alpes Maritimes, France.

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