# 220: Climbing on the largest icecap after the poles

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# 220: Climbing on the largest icecap after the poles

Idea # 220 – Browse Vatnajokull glacier in Islande

In area of ​​8300 square kilometers, more than 95% of that of Corsica, the Vatnajökull covers 8% of the area of ​​Iceland. It is the largest in Europe and the largest ice cap after the pole glacier. The maximum thickness is about 1000 meters. Point peak is 2110 meters and is the highest peak of Iceland. Under the glacier are a some active volcanoes like Öræfajökull in the south, which includes the highest point in Iceland, or Kverkfjöll in the north or the Grímsvötn and the Bárðarbunga, in northwest, covered by sub-glacial lakes. This glacier is accessible to climbers equipped (ice axes, crampons) and to discover ridges, crevices, mills and glacial landscapes . To get more spicy time in our adventure, we tried the local “blue lagoon”. Discover …


Where is it?

Vatnajokull, Iceland.

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