#219 : Rafting down the most extreme river of Iceland

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#219 : Rafting down the most extreme river of Iceland

Idea #219 – Going down the river Jokulsa 4+ class

The glacial river Jökulsá is the most extreme of Iceland. Listed 4+, this river tormented its way through the ice gorge of the valley. It is considered as the most impressive spot of rafting in the country, even in Europe, according to the Icelanders ! Far and technique, this descent is rather recommended for those who have had experience in rafting . Rapid sequences even have a name ; as you hear screaming across the “screaming lady”, you  will fell with no voice in the “lost” ; the “green room” is the beginning of the end ! The orders to the helmsman, in “islandic English”, are quite hard to interpret, especially when the situation is critical. Water, milky, is 3 ° C, add a little more difficulty in the descent.


Some Pictures

Where is it?

Varmalhid, Iceland.

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