# 218: Exploring the Valley of Wonders

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# 218: Exploring the Valley of Wonders

Idea # 218 – Exploring Mont Bego and the archaeological site of the Valley of Wonders

The “Vallée des Merveilles” is a valley of the massif of Mercantour in the Alps where were discovered more than 40 500 protohistoric engravings, dating the Chalcolithic and the old Bronze Age, mixed in other more recent engravings. They cover 3 700 rocks, distributed on more than 4 000 ha in seven different valleys around the Mount Bégo, in more than 2 000 m with height. Engravings are known since the Middle Ages but were studied only since 1897. The most oldest represent cornidés, weapons (daggers, halberds, axes, etc.), anthropomorphes figures, and geometrical figures (spirals, réticulés, etc.). The interpretation is delicate and gives rise to all the frenzies and the inventions, going of the cosmic calendar to the cult of the god oriental bull.The site, particularly wild, is still covered with snow in June. It is necessary to count approximately 3 hours to reach it, 1 hour to visit it and 2 hours to return to the starting point. You can, with a little luck and of patience, see uncountable marmots and some chamoises there. Watch out, the access, situated on the GR52, is regulated: the shod sticks of walking are forbidden on the site and a part of the archaeological area is forbidden to the public. Have a good trip!


Where is it?

Valley of Wonders, Mercantour, Alpes Maritimes, France.

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