#216 : Diving on a geothermal chimney in Iceland

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#216 : Diving on a geothermal chimney in Iceland

Idea #216 – Diving on a geothermal chimney in Iceland

Several volcanic cones  have been observed on the site Strytan, near the port of Hjalteyri in northern Iceland. The most spectacular is over 50 meters high, its base lying at 65 meters deep under the surface. This site is unique because other known geothermal cone in the world are all over 3000 meters deep. This cone is the result of 11 000 years of natural magnesium silicate deposits, content in fresh water, which solidifies in contact with the salt sea water. The cone expels 110 liters of hot water per second at 79 ° C. Various aquatic species proliferate around the cone, like jellyfish, or serrated wolf (artic wolffish), now endangered. Diving is rather technical , in very cold water, and with the current visibility limited around the cone around 2 meters and less than 70 inches elsewhere. It is for dry suit divers warned. We made our chocolate … with the hot water ! It smells adventure!


Some Pictures

Whereis it ?

Strytan, Hjalteyri, Iceland.

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