# 215: Diving between two tectonic plates in Iceland

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# 215: Diving between two tectonic plates in Iceland

Idea # 215 – Diving on the rift of Silfra

National Park Thingvellir Icelandic þjóðgarður Thingvellir, is located in southwestern Iceland, on the edge of the Highlands. Because of its ease of access and the magnitude of its flaws, has long been Thingvellir a model in the study of plate tectonics. There is also a World Heritage by UNESCO . The fault Silfra is located in the Lake Thingvallavatn , the Mid-Atlantic Ridge , and so is line friction of two continents , North America and Eurasia. The dives on this site are particularly renowned for water purity and shades of blue uncommon they provide and allow, at a constriction from touching two continental plates. We advice you to dive in drysuit, water from melting glaciers reaching a temperature of 2 ° C, not always pleasant. But the originality of the dive and the discovery of such an unusual site remain intact the pleasure of diving . Come on, we are a team.


Where is it?

Silfra, Park Thingvellir, Iceland.

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