# 211: Diving with the whales of Guadeloupe

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# 211: Diving with the whales of Guadeloupe

Idea # 211: Diving with humpback whales in Guadeloupe

The Humpback are easily recognizable by many criteria. With a massive body, the whale is black on top and white on the belly . The head and lower jaw are covered with small protuberances called tubercles , which are actually hair follicles and are characteristic of the species. The great caudal fin, black and white, comes largely out of the water when the whale dives. When the humpback whale comes into surface  and expels air through its blowhole from the lungs,  the blow causes a cloud up to 3 meters. In this video, we saw baby ; they leave their mothers early in their second year ; they then generally are 9 meters long . Come on, have a breath, and dive!


Where is it?

Malendures, Bouillante, Guadeloupe, France.

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