#287 : Shooting with AK-47 with Igor in Slovakia

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#287 : Shooting with AK-47 with Igor in Slovakia

Idea #287 – Shooting with Kalashnikov AK-47 in Lozorno

For several decades, Bratislava is known as a moving plate of sales and arms dealings, allowing retailers of the Balkans to sell their weapons towards Europe or the Maghreb. It is not thus too difficult to find weapons, with a little of perseverance…

In this episode, we made out a will some weapons at present in circulation, as Glok 17, Czech submachine gun Skorpion, AK 47 Saiga calibrates 12, or AK-47 M, often known under the name of kalashnikov, which the very low cost, the robustness, the reliability and the big ease of maintenance make extremely popular, in particular with the guerrilla warfares and the countries having few money.  It is also a weapon produced in numerous countries endowed with an industry of armament, particularly in the former countries of the sphere of influence of Soviet Union.


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Where is it ?

Lozorno, Slovakia

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