#209 : Testing JetCar Mach 2.0

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#209 : Testing JetCar Mach 2.0

Idea #209 – Testing racing JetCar

The dragster is a motor sport of acceleration that we tested beforehand in its shape rail (idea 169: test the dragster). There is another category of machines which also drew our attention: JetCar. These prototypes are designed from turbine of plane and allow to reach accelerations and remarkable speeds. In this report, we tested Monster JetCar MACH 2 of Sébastien Lajoux, which it acquired to Tom Feeler and to Vincent Perrot. It weighs 700 kg and is equipped with a reactor of plane of type F5 Tigre of the US Air Forces ! There, it is another another stage than we crossed together because this machine thanks to its 6000 CV allows phenomenal accelerations, being able to reach 6 G, and 500 kph within 6 seconds on 400 meters allocates order…


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Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, Var, France

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