#207: Riding with the cavalry of the Republican Guard

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#207: Riding with the cavalry of the Republican Guard

Idea #207 – Visiting the cavalry barracks of the Republican Guard in Paris

The Republican Guard is an entity of the gendarmerie that carries out tasks honor and security the benefit of the highest authorities State, and missions safety for the public. It has about 2860 men and women , divided into Cavalry, two infantry regiments and several musical groups  The Cavalry includes 480 military and 470 horsepower and can boast of being the formations rise in the world and the last unit on horseback the French army. It is participating in catch weapons prestigious and scroll to the July 14 on the Champs Elysees .

The headquarters of the General Staff custody Republican is in the district Celestine in the 4e th district of Paris. Built 1895 , the area is also home since that date 1st cavalry squadron Republican Guard. The stables welcome today about 184 horses, the chestnut 140 Squadron and the band of cavalry (the 2d squadron amount bais on 3th squadron brown bay, only two drummers and three horses are the standard gray).

The horses are selected with special care : they must measure minimum 1.65 meters, “be frank dress, have good legs and be pleasing to the eyes.” At the age of three years, they integrate equestrian training center in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where they are prepared for two years during a period called peck . Military learning continue in the Cavalry Regiment through career and ride present in the barracks. Come on, attention! visiting!


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Boulevard Henri IV, Paris, France

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