# 204: Visiting one of the last water villages of China

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# 204: Visiting one of the last water villages of China

Idea # 204: Visit the water village of Tongli

Situated in the district of Wujiang, Tongli, originally known under the name of Fushi, is a village of the suburb of Suzhou, in the province of the Kiangsu, with a thousand-year-old history. The city of Tongli is considered as its maze of canals, formed by about fifteen leaks of more than 10 km, interrupted with forty nine old stony bridges, perfectly preserved, as well as for its very narrow alleys where the small local craftsmen try to immortalize the activities of past. Exceptionally preserved, the village of Tongli had the opportunity to be protected during the various wars of XIXth and XXth centuries, because it was totally inaccessible by ground way, and until the 50′, the communication roads were exclusively rivers. The village, which knew multiple famous characters and numerous pupils of the Confucianism, possesses even today a multitude of old well protected buildings, with very representative houses of the architecture of the dynasties Ming and Qing, and it is why the village is sometimes called as the ” museum of the classic buildings of China “. Several gardens, magnificent, were also registered on the UNESCO world heritage. Go, on board !


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Tongli, Wujiang, China

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