# 198: Visiting the Empress Cixi in summer palace

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# 198: Visiting the Empress Cixi in summer palace

Idea # 198: Visit the summer palace of the emperors of China in Beijing

In 1750, Emperor Qianlong  settled down  the ancient Summer palace, to be the residence of his mother, in the northwest of Beijing, which already ranged other imperial palace from the XII e century . All had 2.9 square kilometers, of which three quarters are occupied by Lake Kunming, expanded in imitation of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Artisans reproduced the architectural styles of various palaces gardens of China on a surface 70,000 m². The palace was looted and destroyed during the invasion of Anglo-French troops in 1860 and during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 ; but Empress Cixi rebuilt it in 1886 and 1902 near the former site. In 1888, she spent considerable sums to rebuild and expand the garden of Concord called Yiheyuan from funds originally intended for the Chinese navy war.


Where is it?

Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing, China

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