# 195: Learning… Chinese language

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# 195: Learning… Chinese language

Idea # 195: Understanding the principles of Chinese language

The Chinese languages belong to the family of the Sino-Tibetan languages. Seven parlers different can be considered as language or as dialect. We so distinguish the mandarin (the official language or spoken about the North), the standard mandarin (variant standardized by the mandarin), the wu (spoken to Shanghai, to the Kiangsu and the Zhejiang), the Cantonese (spoken in the provinces of the Guangdong and the Kwangsi, in Hong-Kong, Macao, in the South-East Asia), the gan (spoken in the province of Jiangxi), the hakka (spoken in the north part of the Guangdong, the Fujian and in Taiwan), the min (spoken in the provinces of the Guangdong, Fujian and in Taiwan), the minnan group (several dialects spoken in particular in the Taiwanese, the teochew and the hainanais), the minbei group, and the xiang (spoken in the province  of Hunan). We can find, between certain dialects, differences more important than between Spanish and Portuguese, even that between English and German, but however, all use the same writing. The Chinese languages spell most of the time by means of Chinese characters or sinogrammes ; they evolved over the centuries, and were simplified in the People’s Republic of China in 1956. To facilitate the transcription in Latin alphabet, the mandarin is transcribed first in pinyin, a kind of phonetic alphabet. Come on, we can do it (maybe).


Where is it?

Lintong, Xi’an, China

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