# 193: Exploring the tomb of the first emperor

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# 193: Exploring the tomb of the first emperor

Idea # 193: Exploring the tomb of China’s first emperor in Xi’an

 In the East of Xi An, the former capital of China, rises the isolated and doubtless never raped tumulus of the first emperor of China. According to the legend, it would present an artificial reconstruction of the natural reliefs which were visible around the imperial palace, as well as a river of mercury, which would flow endlessly. Numerous traps would besides prevent the looters of grave from reaching in the center of this necropolis.

In 1km of this hillock, in 1974, farmers dig a well and make the strange discovery of four warriors in clay. They have just updated then, accidentally, what will be one of bigger archaeological discoveries of this end of century : about 6000 soldiers, in order of battle, any various, carrying real bronze weapons, in in several pits on more than 14 000 m² of structures, forming the ultimate guarding of the afterlife of emperor Qui Qhihuangdi. In the pit n°1 is the big army, formed by the infantry, while the pit n°2 receives the cavalry, doubled by archers and by crossbowmen, and while the pit n°3 shelters quadrigae and general staff. Other discoveries were made, as mandarin’s wagon and completely bronze tank. The site is still in exploration… Go, we explore !



Where is it?

Lintong, Xi’an, China

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