# 191: Climbing the Great Wall of China

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# 191: Climbing the Great Wall of China

Idea # 191: Climbing the Great Wall of China

The first wall of China was built in 221 BC by Shi Huangdi, who finished the unification of China, and proclaimed himself first emperor by establishing the dynasty Qin. He begun the construction of a great wall beyond the Yellow River to protect more effectively territories recently conquered and to mark the border of the North. Between IIIth century and the XVIIth century, the wall is repeatedly destroyed and reconstructed, and in several places. The Wall is the most important architectural structure never built by the Man at the same time in length, on-surface but also mass today.

At present, the name of “Great wall” is dedicated to the brick-built constructed in part during the dynasty Ming, who leaves Shanhaiguan on the territory of the city of Qinhuangdao in the province of Hebei, in the East to arrive at Jiayuguan in the province of Gansu on the West. Its current length is about 6 700 km, and its original length is estimated at 21 196,18 km by taking into account the destroyed parts, the natural defenses and the ditches. Its width varies between 5 and 7 meters on average and its height between 5 and 17 meters. It is punctuated with towers of watch and with bastions on all its length; five big passes, kind of big systems of strengthened doors, allow to enter in the territory of China. According to the relief, it contains very numerous staircases and banisters. Come on, it’s time to climb the steps !


Where is it?

Wall of China, and stretch pass Juyonguan, Badaling, China

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