#595 : Visiting the village of Marken in Netherlands

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#595 : Visiting the village of Marken in Netherlands

Idea #595 – Visiting the village of Marken in Netherlands

Marken is a historic island of Markermeer, accessible by a long 3 km dike, which prefigured a new polder, still unfinished. The island presents magnificent panoramas, and a village which knew how to maintain its cultural traditions. In the XIXth and XXth century, the anthropologists and the ethnographers studied for a long time the customs of his inhabitants, considered as real temporal markers. The village is established of constructed houses on piles, or grouped on artificial clods, intended to protect them of the rise in the water level. Among the typical constructions, wooden houses painted in green are an original example of this local culture, as smoking rooms with eels. The port also presents beautiful examples of “botters”, a kind of wooden fishing boats, mixing deep-sea forms and elements of barges. It is not rare to meet also some inhabitants in traditional costume.


Where is it?

Marken, Netherlands

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