# 188: Diving with leopard sharks in Oman

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# 188: Diving with leopard sharks in Oman

Idea # 188 – Diving with leopard sharks in Daymaniat islands

The zebra shark or the leopard shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) is a shark who lives in the Indian and peaceful Ocean and in the gulf of Oman. It is so appointed because, young, its body is streaked before giving way to dark spots. Its body is massive, spindle-shaped, it possesses a short snout, with eyes in dorso-side position, and a big mouth. The posterior edge of the first dorsal fin is a little bit concave. More common in little deep waters, from 4 to 91 meters, he prefers the sandy or muddy bays. He lives generally stuck on the sandy seabed of cliffs coraliens and feeds essentially on mollusks, on crabs, on shrimps and on small fishes. The shark streaks is oviparous : females produce dozens of big capsules of eggs, which they anchor in seaweeds or pebbles. It is considered as totally harmless for the man. Good news!


Where is it?

Daymaniat Islands, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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