#187 : Watching a white rhino … of grey color !

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#187 : Watching a white rhino … of grey color !

Idea #187 – Observation of rhinos from South Africa

The word Rhino comes from the Greek rhinos “nose”, and keras, horn, because it carries its horns on the nose, and not on the front like other horned mammals. The Rhino are herbivorous mammals. They  measure 4 m long and 2 m high, and a weight close to 3 tons. It is the largest existing land mammals after the elephant. It is recognizable by its large pointed ears, wide and shortened muzzle, and a characteristic protuberance on the neck. It is also different from the black rhino, the second species present in South Africa, by the fact that he grazes grass, while the other one  grazes leaves of shrubs .

Unlike to what you might imagine, the skin white rhinos is… of grey color! A common explanation on the origin of the name “White Rhinoceros” is a linguistic confusion on the Dutch word Wijde (“wide” in English) which describes the shape of his lip, that distinguishes it from other species of  rhinoceros. It would have ben changed in Afrikaans as wit and in English with white, which both mean “white”. All rhino species are considered in extinction, and unfortunately regularly poached. Too bad ! In any case, meeting them remains a pleasure!


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Hluhluwe-Imfosi, South Africa

Larger Map

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