# 186: Diving with African green turtles

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# 186: Diving with African green turtles

Idea # 186 – Diving with green turtles South Africa

The green turtle is the most known for marine turtle. Its morphology is variable according to its geographical zone. The shell of the grown-up females measures between 78 cms and 139 cms, that of males is smaller, their size varies between 71 cms and 104 cms. Its middleweight is situated near 160 kg, but certain specimens can weigh up to 400 kg ! The shell is strongly spray-painted, it is in the form of heart, greyish or greenish color. The neck of the green turtle is short. The head is small, and not retractable, with a short snout, and a denticulate beak. We meet her in particular in South Africa, where she is hunted by the sharks. We love her, but alive!


Where is it?

Umkoomaas, South Africa

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