# 185: Diving into the waters of the Azores

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# 185: Diving into the waters of the Azores

Idea # 185 – Diving into the waters of the Azores

Made of seven volcanic islands, the Azores Archipelago has the specificity to offer submarine reliefs of big variety : lot of caves and canyons submarine, formed by lava flows, are now colonized by an Atlantic Ocean and Tropic fauna. You can meet there parrots, ballistas, girelles peacock, tazards, jack fishs, some barracudas, cicadas, eagles rays, and also amazing black nudibranches. Among the most known sites, let us quote ” Brasil cavo “, a gigantic trench in the vertical cliff of the mount Cavo, sheltering some eagles rays, magnificent spirographs, and groupers ; “Mina”, also well known, is full of fishs, with some hunting barracudas. Be carreful however, azorian waters are relatively cold, around 16°C, and jellyfishes are very numerous. the diving  season begins really in July.


Where is it ?

Pico Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal.

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