# 180: Watching the Big Five in South Africa

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# 180: Watching the Big Five in South Africa

Idea # 180 – Getting a Big Five safari in South Africa

Big Five or Big 5 indicates a set of five African mammals which were “chosen” by Ernest Hemingway in Snows of the Kilimanjaro and which are usually advanced by the tourist authorities within the framework of the photographic safaris or of the hunting. Five animals forming the group of big five are the lion, the leopard, the African elephant, the black rhinoceros and the buffalo of Africa. In other classifications, the hippopotamus replaces the leopard, and six take their place in a widened big five (it looks like we talk about G20!). To observe them, it will be necessary to you to go in a big African reserve, to leave for expedition early enough in the morning, and to travel numerous kilometers in vehicle in the savanna or the bush, until fall, by chance, on one of the eminent members of the famous group. Never get off your vehicle, because these animals can be  rather dangerous. You will quickly be taken in the game, and will not have more than a hope : see all the members of the group ! For that purpose, organize your safari on 2 or 3 days, what will increase your chances. Hush, we are observing !


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Hluhluwe-Imfosi, South Africa

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