# 174: Reaching the Top of Europe [4807m]

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# 174: Reaching the Top of Europe [4807m]

Idea # 174 – Climbing the Mont Blanc at 4807m

The Mont Blanc is the peak of the chain of the Alps and is also the highest summit of Western Europe, reaching 4807 meters in heights, what is worth to it the nickname of Roof of Europe (the height retained following the measures of 2009 is however superior, in 4 810,45 meters!). This summit welcomes hundreds of climbers a year and is wrongly considered as a long but easy, accessible ascent to all. However, every year, the massif of the Mont Blanc makes numerous victims: 5 – 7 a year, only by the normal way ! The trek requires to have a minimum of knowledge of mountain climbing, the adequate equipment (cramps, ice axe, helmet, belt) and which has to be made with the help of a guide.


Where is it?

summit of Mont Blanc, Haute Savoie, France

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