# 168: Diving with Mako Shark

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# 168: Diving with Mako Shark

Idea # 168 – Diving with Mako shark in Azores

The mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) is a species of shark of the family of Lamnidae, that is the same family as the great white sharks. He is also called blue mole-shark. The color of the skin is midnight blue on the top and the stomach is white. Its branchiales cracks are particularly wide. Its shape is very hydrodynamic, that allows him extremely fast and inanticipable movements. It has an average size of 2 meters and a maximal size of 4 meters. This shark can be rather dangerous, because been little used to the man, very fast, rather inquisitive ; It appears, disappears, then reappears where we do not wait for it, what puts a little nerves to lively.


Where is it?

Pico Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal.

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