Idea #441 : Visiting the castle and fortress of Kronborg with Hamlet

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Idea #441 : Visiting the castle and fortress of Kronborg with Hamlet

dkIdea #441 – Visiting the Castle and fortress of Kronborg

UnescoThe Kronborg castle is situated near the city of Elseneur in Denmark, on a strategic point in the face of Sweden. In 1420, king Eric of Pomerania decided to take with all the grafting ships or taking out of the Baltic the rights of Sund. To ensure the control of the strait and thus the taking of these toll fees, he ordered, as a supplement to the strengthening of the scanian fortress of Helsinborg, the construction of a powerful fortress, bearing the name of Krogen, on a sandy point, Ørekrog, of the island of Seeland where the strait is the narrowest.

Between 1574 and 1585, king Frédéric II makes reshaped the medieval fortress in a Renaissance style and adapted it for the artillery. In 1629, the castle was severely damaged by a fire. During almost ten years, king Christian IV made big efforts to restore it. During the dano-Swedish war of 1658-1660, the castle was besieged and taken by the Swedish army, which occupied him.

From 1739 till 1900, Kronbord became a prison. The army abandoned it in 1922. Less than 20 years later, he has been opened to the public. It is considered from now on a symbol for the Danes, but also particularly known to be the frame of the William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet.” He was registered in 2000 on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Where is it?

Kronborg, Elseneur, Denmark

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