#165 : Testing Dragster racing

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#165 : Testing Dragster racing

Idea #165 – Testing Dragster racing

The dragster is an acceleration motor sport, with two categories : two wheels and four wheels. The rules of the race are easy to understand : the pilot must put as little time as possible to cover a distance of 1/4 mile  (402 meters) or sometimes 1/8 mile (201 meters) and, since 2012, 1000 feet (305 meters). The accelerations can be impressive, and vehicles may need to use a parachute to stop .

The top category is “Top Fuel“; with the new regulation NHRA for this category, the tests are fighting today to 305 meters, who travel within 3.8 s. Machines are propelled by engines that can exceed 8000 hp, fueled by a mixture of nitromethane (90%) and methanol (10%).

During the trial, the two competitors in the same category are presented side by side, each in a track ; the “burnout” allows to deposit gum on the track and increase the rear grip for departure. The start is done by a light.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, Var, France

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