# 162: Grazing with warthogs

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# 162: Grazing with warthogs

Idea # 162 – Observing warthogs in South Africa

The warthog is a mammal of the order of the family of Suidae. This wild pig measures 1,40 m of length and from 60 to 80 cms in the withers ; the male can weigh up to 100 kg and the female from 50 to 75 kg. It possesses two defenses upward, being able to reach 60 cms at the old individuals, who are of use to it in particular to dig up roots and bulbs, but also to defend themselves against its predators (lions, leopards, lycaons, hyenas) whom it does not hesitate to charge if it feels threatened. Warthogs can run to points of more than 50 kph


Where is it?

Hluhluwe-Imfosi, South Africa

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