# 159: Spending time with crocodiles in Africa

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# 159: Spending time with crocodiles in Africa

Idea # 159 – Observing crocodiles in South Africa

The Nile crocodile is the biggest crocodile of the world, with its cousin the marine crocodile. The average length of the adult is 4 meters but we were able to observe certain individuals who exceeded 7 meters. He can weigh up to 1 ton. The crocodile possesses an incredible strength in its jaw, and its teeth can push away about fifty times. Its trots in the water thanks to his its long tail. The eyes are protected by a protective membrane, and it possesses at the level of the palace a said fold “gulaire” which isolates totally the mouth of the pharynx, allowing him to remain under the water the mouth opened without drowning itself. He can run to 17 kph and on several kilometers. In the hatching of eggs, the baby crocodile is approximately 30 cms and has the same body as her mother, as it is male or female. The range of its preys is highly varied and depends on the size of the animal, the youngest feeding on aquatic invertebrates and on insects, the biggest of fishes, on amphibians and reptiles. Exceptionally, they can attack antelopes, buffaloes or young hippos. Its main technique of hunting is to remain motionless in the water, letting only the summit of the head and the nostrils out of the water, then to seize brutally its prey before pulling it under the water and flooding it. Their cannibals’ reputation is not unfounded and, although we do not know exactly the figure of their victims, we estimate at hundred the number of deaths or missing persons who can be imputed to them.


Where is it?

Saint Lucia Estuary, South Africa

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