# 158: Meeting the most dangerous animal in Africa

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# 158: Meeting the most dangerous animal in Africa

Idea # 158 – Watch hippos in South Africa

The amphibian said Hippopotamus is the most known. Its silhouette is massive, with a big head, a wide mouth which can open up to 180 degrees, planted by important canines which can be more than 60 cms; the nostrils can close by contraction, and its auditory canals get blocked when it dives, so avoiding the entrance of water to its lungs when it moves under the water. The hippopotamus measures 1,50 m in the withers for 3,50 m of length for a mass from 1,4 to 3,2 tons. He lives in big groups, dominated by a polygamist and quick-tempered male ; it spends his day in the water, to protect itself from the sun. This animal is mainly herbivore. At night, it goes away from banks to join pastures by precise paths, traveling up to 10 km. During its research of food, it happens sometimes that it penetrates into plantations, causing then enormous damages. Although it is herbivore, it is one of the most dangerous animals of Africa ; protecting his territory, he can attack people, that always ends by a fatal outcome. That makes nostrils shiver!


Where is it?

Saint Lucia Estuary, South Africa

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