#154 : Diving in Daymaniat Island in Oman

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#154 : Diving in Daymaniat Island in Oman

Idea #154 – Diving in Daymaniat Island in Oman

The islands of Daymaniat are situated in the Sultanate of Oman, in the North of Muscat, at 1 hour by boat approximately. They consist of a group of nine islands and numerous submerged rocks, in an east alignment westward, being of use as base to a coral reef, sublimely developed and which extends in a 20 meter depth in a water rich in plankton. These Islands are protected by the UNESCO since about twenty years. They establish the ultimate site proposed as National and natural Reserve of Marine life of Oman. The spot is one of the best of the country and the fauna abounds. It is possible to see groups of jack fish, barracudas, huge moray eels, green tortoises of any sizes, sharks Pointe-Noire, sharks bulls, sharks leopards and nursemaids, lines of astonishing sizes, or sea horses there…


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Daymaniat Island, Mascate, Oman

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