# 151: Riding the waves with 80 horses

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# 151: Riding the waves with 80 horses

Idea # 151- Reach the maximum speed of a Jet Ski

If you are not familiar with jet skiing, some basic vocabulary is needed. The jet ski, jet ski or wave runner is a vehicle powered by a nauticalwaterjet, itself driven by a combustion engine . There are two types of this vehicle, the first being a watercraft arm where the user is standing and control the device with a vertically movable arm with handles control and watercraft saddle comprised a seat and handlebars similar to those of a snowmobile or motorcycle. In the second case, the vehicle is usually for a driver and a passenger.

In this video, we tested the waverunner Yamaha XV700 , 80 horsepower, up to a speed of 75 km / h … Attention, here we come!


Where is it?

Al Qmur, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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