#148 : Diving close to Tiger Sharks without a cage!

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#148 : Diving close to Tiger Sharks without a cage!

Idea # 148 – Diving in South Africa with Tiger Shark

The tiger shark is one of the biggest species of sharks. It measures generally between 3 and 4 meters, for a 500 kg middleweight. We find it in the moderate and tropical oceans, with a preference for waters with strong turbidity (estuaries, lagoons, between the surface and – 350 meters deep), specially in South Africa, on the site of Aliwal Shoal. It is a solitary shark, going hunting generally of night. It possesses a fine and sharp tail fin. Is brown-grey body is streaked with dark, particularly visible vertical stripes at the young adults. It is these stripes  which are worth to him the name of tiger shark.

Little selective, it is sometimes considered as a real trash can of seas, swallowing any sorts of things without proper judgment : we so found any sorts of objects in the stomach of fished specimens, as cans, bottles, plastic bags or identification plates ! This lack of discernment is one of the reasons of its dangerousness : it may devour the man in the same way as with other preys ! This shark is moreover ranked second as in attacks committed on the men, behind the great white shark… To observe them with a big probability, it will be probably necessary to organize a session of biting ; when it hunts, the tiger shark swims slowly then  accelerates brutally when it is close to its prey.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Umkoomaas, South Africa

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